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SilverWood at Calafia wedding

Whatever is the setting of your wedding, whether it's a grand cathedral or the intimacy of your own home, or anything between, SilverWood can enhance it with just the right sound.  And we will provide the type of music that fits your wedding theme.

For outdoor wedding settings (of which San Diego has an abundance!), we can easily set up and play almost anywhere.

We will play prelude music before your ceremony, and we can provide any music you desire--including vocal--during your ceremony.  After the ceremony we can continue our music during the time of transition to your reception, for socializing, picture-taking, cocktails, etc.

For your reception we will perform appropriate dinner and background music, from soft, gentle sounds to rousing, foot-tapping tunes.  (We can even give you a Celtic dance show!)

We'll be happy to work with you to plan how music can best enrich your wedding; and if you have "no clue" as to what music you want, we can give you ample suggestions.

Please contact us; we're looking forward to playing for your wedding.

SilverWood wedding duo
Some Brides' Remarks:
"We are just back from our honeymoon and wanted to express how terrific we think SilverWood is.  The music made a perfect day more wonderful."  (E.L.)

"Your music is wonderful!  It's incredible!  I can't tell you how much I loved it!  I listen to your demo tape every day in my car."  (a bride-to-be)

"I knew what I wanted for my wedding, and with you I heard it."  (V.S.)

"I'm so excited to have found your band!"  (T.K.)

   SilverWood Wedding MP3 Music Samples   
Pachelbel's "Canon"

"There Is Love" ("The Wedding Song")

"You Are So Beautiful"
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